Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Cinda Stevens Lonsway
Cinda Stevens Lonsway

Cinda Stevens Lonsway got her start as an inspirational writer when she was young and would write cards of gratitude or support to her friends and family.  Her father labeled them “The Cinda Card”.

In May of 2010 she was inspired to write “ROAR!”, which when shared on Facebook went international in a matter of days.

“ROAR!”, a motivational movement for women to stand in their truth, has been acted on stage in Canada, used as a closing ceremony in a “Finding your Inner Amazon” workshop, published in multiple e-magazines, blogs, and websites, and used as inspiration for women around the world to stand up for what they believe in.

Cinda has been asked to speak about “ROAR!” in women’s groups in the NW area, but likes it best when she hears how others have brought “ROAR!” to their groups.

She currently writes for Wild Sister Magazine under the monthly title “ROAR!” where she gets to stretch her writing skills and write about what has inspired her in her personal  and spiritual life.  Cinda also writes continuously for her Blogspot called “ROAR! with Cinda”, where she shares her most intimate beliefs, and a Facebook site titled “ROAR!- Empowering Women to Give Voice to Their Truth” filled with a community of supportive women sharing inspiration.

In March of 2011, she was interviewed by the glorious Francine Raften to introduce “ROAR!” to another audience via internet TV through Earth2World.

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