Opening and Closing Statements for General GroupMeetings

OPENING: As Members of Connect to Success PDX – It is our Vision to support each member in achieving her highest potential both professionally and personally. Together we help each other create and maintain sustainable businesses and incomes through soulful practices, in return creating businesses that matter in the world. It is our Mission is to empower women sole-entrepreneurs as soulful business owners and community leaders. We do this by supporting each other, utilizing our talents and gifts, connecting members with community leads and networking links, continuing our education via training, and inviting in future members who share similar core Sign In to Read More

General Meeting 06/24/2015

Connect To Success – General Meeting Beth convened @ 6:04pm at Riverside Golf & Country Club, Portland, Members Present: Beth, Fellene, Nancy, Mary, Cinda, Lisa, Jennifer, Lynne Members Excused: Kerri, Barbara, Lori Treasurer Report: Current Balance $761.80, Receivables due $600 for Retreat speakers and Holiday Party expenses. Jennifer is presenting Retreat locations: Alton, Columbia River Hotel, Columbia Gorge Hotel, Edgefield. Please make sure to read and reply to her emails on your top choices. Dates to be decided: 10/11 – 12 or 10/4 – 5, 10/18 – 19 Speakers to decide: Dana Corey, Kathy England, Susan Sokol Blosser, Cinda Lonsway, Sign In to Read More

General Meeting Minutes 5/31/15

CTS General Meeting Members Present: Fellene, Linda, Kerri, Lynne, Nancy, Beth, Jennifer, Mary, Lisa Guest of Lisa: Amy Civica, Amy in Your Kitchen, Personal Chef New Member: Lori Arneson, Skin Spa Salon Excused Members: Cinda, Barbara Beth convened our meeting @ 6:40pm at the Oregon Wine Reserve, Lake Oswego She Reminded us of the next three meetings before our six week break for summer are as follows: Thursday, June 25: Regular Meeting Location: Riverside Golf and Country Club; 8105 NE 33rd Drive; Portland, OR Time: 5:30-6:30 Social hour; 6:30 to 8pm Meeting Fabulousness Menu will be emailed to you in Sign In to Read More

General Meeting at Chart House on 3/26/15

Connect to Success General Meeting – 3/26/15 New Location – Chart House Meeting convened – 6:22pm by Beth, President Members Present: Nancy, Linda, Fellene, Jennifer, Beth, Mary, Lisa, Kerri, Guest: Debbie Geller, Core Abundance Group – Project Manager, HR and Administrative Manager who implements and gets things done collaboratively for you and your business. Excused Absences: Cinda, Lynne, Barbara Beth kicked off the meeting with a Great Welcome…We are celebrating a special occasion. It represents a higher level of our commitment to ourselves, our businesses and propelling it all to a higher levels. New calendar for the dates and locations! Sign In to Read More

General Meeting with Educational Guest Speaker on 2/26/15

Connect To Success General Meeting 2/26/15 Meeting convened @ 6:18pm by Beth Thank you to Lynne Grigsby for offering her large conference room @ Windermere Realty located 6443 SW Bvtn – Hillsdale Hwy. Portland, 9722 Discussion on the Mixer and all of the guests that were there and connections made. Jennifer offered to assist Lynne in follow up Thank Yous to our guests and membership inquiries. Members present: Cinda, Lisa, Nancy, Mary, Beth, Lynne, Jennifer, Fellene, Barbara Excused absences: Kerri, Linda Board will meet on Monday 3/2/2015 to discuss all of the potential future meeting locations and determine growth of Sign In to Read More

Connect To Success Meeting Notes 1/22/2015

CTS Meeting NotesCTS General Meeting- Meeting called to order by VP Jennifer Campbell @ 6:15pm Excused absences were Beth (way to go for having business tonight) and Linda ( take care of your cold for tomorrow night!) Members present: Fellene, Lisa, Jennifer, Kerri, Cinda, Barbara, Lynne, Mary and Nancy Overview of the Board Meeting- Amended and made sure that the Board is correcting the most recent By-laws. Cinda, Barbara and Fellene believe that changes were already made when they were Officers in the past before this newly elected board. Fellene to find the most current revised By- laws and to Sign In to Read More

General Meeting Notes – Jan. 8, 2015

Happy New Year! Connect To Success New Year First Meeting Beth convenes the meeting at 6:26pm Present tonight: Beth, Nancy, Barbara, Kerri, Linda, Jennifer, Mary, Cinda, Fellene, Lynne Members’ Word of the new year for 2015: Beth – Ask (Last year’s word was Believe) Lisa – In the Zone Nancy – Request (Last year’s word was Bold) Barbara – Focus (Last year’s word was Jump) Kerri – Successful (Last year’s word was Productive) Linda – Serve (Last year’s word was Gratitude) Jennifer – Relationships (Last year’s word was Connected) Mary- Energy (Last year’s word was Growth) Cinda – Trust (Last Sign In to Read More

General Meeting 11/13/14 via Conference Call due to snow

Present:  Mary, Beth, Jennifer, Nancy, Linda, Lisa, Fellene, Lynne, Cinda, Barbara Excused: Kerri Call to Order 7:04pm by Beth Previous Meeting’s notes were approved without objections or changes. Thanks to Jennifer for helping to set up the conference call in. Treasurer’s Report has an approx. amount @ $350 Holiday Party Update – Dec 11th @ 6pm to be hosted by Mary Burger in her home in Vancouver, WA.  All Evites were sent out to ll current and former members.  Bring a side, dish or dessert with your RSVP.  BYOB and an Exchange $20 gift. New Business:  A recommendation was made Sign In to Read More

General Meeting Notes 10/23/14

Connect To Success Members Meeting Meeting convened and Call to Order by Beth at 6:19pm Excused Absences: Nancy Kinzer, Barbara Miller Unexcused Members: Irene O’Conner, (Please notify our new VP Jennifer Campbell in advance if you cannot attend to be excused) Members Present: Cinda, Fellene, Linda, Jennifer, Kerri, Mary, Beth, Lisa Beth opened with ideas/agenda proposals from the Board’s Meeting and Notes. Approval of the previous meeting minutes was made by Jennifer and second by Linda…all members present approved with Cinda’s corrections. AMENDED CORRECTIONS will be uploaded as follows: The workshop Cinda is doing on Nov.9th at New Thought Center Sign In to Read More

10/09/2014 Meeting Minutes

10/09/2014 CTS Member Meeting Minutes – Connect to Success first new year meeting call to order @ 6:11pm New Board: Beth Erlendson- President Jennifer Campbell- Vice President Lynne Grigsby – New Membership Chair Mary Burger – Treasurer Lisa Brumm – Secretary Members Present: Cinda, Jennifer, Barbara, Lynne, Beth, Kerri, Lisa Excused Members: Nancy, Mary, Fellene, Linda, Irene New President, Beth’s statements: She thanked the group for the honor of allowing her to lead the group for the next 12 months. She is committed to providing an experience that will serve all in growing our business through education, sharing and collaboration. Sign In to Read More