7-16-18 Meeting Minutes

Connect to Success July 16, 2018 Present: Mary Burger, Bev Wells, Connie Vanderzanden, Teresa Howes, Cinda Lonsway, Sophia Treyger, Amy Kelly, Katherine Johnson, Barbara Miller, and Julie Fast Guest: Melissa Jaffe, Blissness School Absent: Lisa Brumm Bev called the meeting to order at 6 pm. Minutes: the last two meeting minutes were approved. Membership: Melissa is allegedly interested but needs to reach out to Sophia. Erin Middleton is a realtor who is interested and needs to follow up with Sophia. Treasurer: Amy says we have money in the bank. Retreat check in: October 6-8, location has been chosen — the Sign In to Read More

6-18-18 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Bev Wells, Amy Kelly, Barbara Miller, Cinda Lonsway, Julie Fast, Lisa Brumm, SophiaTraeger, Tina Rea , Teresa Howes, Connie Vanderzanden Guest: Melissa Jaffe, Attorney & Creator of Blissness School Absent: Mary Burger, Fellene Gaylord, Katherine Johnson Meeting started at 6:00pm – Bev really wanted to start early, but she purposely waited until 6pm Approval of minutes: Lisa, Tina, Sophia, Bev, Fellene, Mary Tabled for vote next meeting – not a quorum approval No update to Treasurer report Half way through the year – Are you on track to make your yearly goal? Did you shift your goal? Teresa – Sign In to Read More