Beverly Wells – Riverwest Acupuncture

Beverly Wells, Riverwest Acupuncture
Beverly Wells, Riverwest Acupuncture

After coming out of Cleveland State University and serving five years in the United States Air Force, Bev moved to Portland, and spent 23 years working at her sister’s business in the world of phone systems, data networks and constantly changing technology.

In 2010, when Lisa Francolini wanted to expand RiverWest Acupuncture, she found she could not do that and see patients both, so Bev decided to join her to take care of the business end of the clinic. Her greatest thrill is to see a patient walk in with “issues” and walk out changed as a result of the work that the practitioners do here. Some patient stories have been so healing and transformative that they literally brought her to tears. She feels incredibly blessed to work in this environment, with her favorite person in the world, her wife, Lisa.

As CEO at RiverWest Acupuncture, the thing that Bev is always impressed with is the team of people that she and Lisa have assembled that make up RiverWest Acupuncture and its partners in healing in the RiverWest Bldg. Other services include; Massage, Nutritionist, Personal Training and an Esthetician.  In addition there are ongoing classes in Yoga and Meditation. We offer a well-rounded selection of healing modalities.   And we feel like we have something for everyone.

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