Connie Vanderzanden – Going Beyond Revenue

Connie envisioned a bigger purpose back in 2007, after six years of being solopreneur, and started a growth journey that expanded her knowledge around team, communication, and marketing. It also unintentionally, created almost $50k in debt and a business that failed to have the cash flow to pay her over the next six years.

In 2014, Connie sat in a mastermind and was asked, “Why don’t you pay yourself?”  After the flood of tears that ensued, she realized that while she made sure the team members got paid she didn’t value herself enough to make sure that she got paid nor saw her business as its own entity (more like an extension of herself) preventing it from creating a profit and save money. Basically the business and Connie were just treading water – and that something needed to shift.

After this moment, and a ton of research, including reading the book Profit First, Connie finally began to save money (and pay off some of that debt)!  She started by allocating certain percentages of money to savings and to focus on Revenue instead of Debt.  Suddenly, her confidence and peace of mind grew as she watched money accumulate and STAY in her accounts.

As a result of her profound experience, Connie created her own money saving system called the Beyond Revenue – Cash Flow Management System.  She now uses these seven steps to help other business owners create and keep more money.  Connie believes that it’s time we stop just talking about Revenue and start to address deeper entrepreneurial issues – how do we keep more money?  And how do we set ourselves up for a future that includes having the money to pay for anything that comes up?

She delights in helping women business owners be able to create better lifestyles for themselves, prepare for a secure future, and change the world while they are doing it.

Connie, a true Oregonian, being born, raised, and currently living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Where she spends time with her husband of 31 years and their two “fur kids.” She believes in magic and loves to read sci-fi and vampire stories.

Going Beyond Revenue