Lisa Moon Brumm

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Lisa Moon Brumm

Lisa began her career as a Banker in 1987 for First Interstate Bank, in the old days when banks didn’t have 1-800 “nightmare” numbers!!

Over the past 18 years, she has kept to one simple philosophy in working for clients “Clients become friends and Friends become Clients”…all the best products and features are not why you have a business. It’s the way you treat people and the respect you demonstrate to them that matters; especially over time.”.

Lisa is a Financial & Estate Advisor and focuses on planning through a tax-efficiency lens; where she feels most Americans lack the tools to make critical decisions, Yes … decisions over how to pay their tax liability with sound strategies.. She also owns Financial Health Resources, that can help navigate the health insurance scope mandated by Affordable Care Act.

The one-stop shop of financial services allows her to bring a vast array of knowledge and a holistic approach to finances for the benefit of the client. Her professional team of experts provides small business and individuals many options in a complicated industry. Her overall philosophy demonstrates an efficient means to a complicated process by teaming up with a wide selection of products and services to customize each financial need or solution for her clients.