5-26-2011 Meeting

Attending: Mary Burger, Monique Hendrick, Lynne Grigsby, Cinda Stevens Lonsway, Fellene Gaylord, Jan Giunta, Beth Erlendson, Francine Raften, Terry Burke, with guests Teresa Lunch, and Karen Bolin. Introduction of new members and guests: Teresa Lunch, aka “T”, is a producer from KGW. She is a friend of Francine Raften. Karen Bolin, is a member of EWGA, and a financial planner for Edward Jones. She knows Beth through golfing events. Old Business: Old minutes were approved, but not many people had seen them. We should send minutes out with the agenda in the future. Fellene needs to update the Connectors maillist Sign In to Read More

5-12-2011 Meeting

Attending are Mary Burger, Lynne Grigsby, Monique, Beth Erlendson, Fellene Gaylord, expected Jan Guinta, and Cinda Stevens Lonsway. Old Business Minutes from the last meeting were accepted as is. Fellene explained new features of the website, the event calendar and plans for future members only content. New Business Monique suggested that we reduce frequency of meetings during the summer to once a month, or allow members to attend only once a month. From June – August? Plans were made to have the next Quarterly Mixer at Trader Vic’s on June 23. We hope it’s open by then. We want Pupus! Sign In to Read More

4-28-2011 Meeting

Attending Terry Burke, Francine Raften, Beth Erlendson, Lynne Grigsby, Cinda Lonsway, Mary Burger and Fellene Gaylord. Meeting was in the dining area of the Macadam Bar and Grill because the back room had been used by another group. Beth made sure we were signed up for the next few months before we sat down. Old Business Minutes for the last meeting were reviewed and accepted. Website Fellene explained about the new event calendar and how it can be used to link to online ticket sales tool Eventbrite as needed. Fellene reminded Terry and Francine that 150-200 word bios are needed Sign In to Read More

4-14-2011 Meeting

Attendance:  Mary; Beth; Katherine; Terry; Jan; Lynne, Francine, Cinda Introductions and Comments: Lynne talked about deciding to target her real estate business working with the senior population Francine talked about the launch of her internet television show “Tell Me About It” and will forward the web link for the “Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Resale Bus Tour” where the first show will be taped. (Link: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=hpzee8bab&oeidk=a07e3n6abox1deff992 ) Cinda shared her background including Village EcoSystems and Ladybug Touchstones – – all want to have a meeting at Cinda’s and partake of the ritual around selecting stones and making jewelry. Beth  summarized “The group Sign In to Read More