4-14-2011 Meeting

Attendance:  Mary; Beth; Katherine; Terry; Jan; Lynne, Francine, Cinda Introductions and Comments: Lynne talked about deciding to target her real estate business working with the senior population Francine talked about the launch of her internet television show “Tell Me About It” and will forward the web link for the “Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Resale Bus Tour” where the first show will be taped. (Link: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=hpzee8bab&oeidk=a07e3n6abox1deff992 ) Cinda shared her background including Village EcoSystems and Ladybug Touchstones – – all want to have a meeting at Cinda’s and partake of the ritual around selecting stones and making jewelry. Beth  summarized “The group Sign In to Read More