Meeting Minutes 11/20/2017

CTSPDX Meeting 11/20/2017 The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM By Barbara Miller. In attendance were Lisa Brumm, Barbara Miller, Tina Rea, Lynne Grigsby, Cinda Lonsway, Amy Kelly, Mary Burger, Julie Fast, Sophia Traeger. Bev was late, but she let us know in advance she would be late. Excused Absences were: Beth Erlendson and Fellene Gaylord. Secretary Report Minutes from last meeting were voted on and approved by the membership via email. Membership Report Katie Slack is a business coach and very spiritual. She will want to come in the spring after she has had her baby. Heather Sign In to Read More

Meeting Minutes 11/6/2016

The meeting was called to order at 6 PM. In attendance were: Barbara Miller, Tina Rea, Sophia Traeger, Bev Wells, Amy Kelly, Mary Burger, Cinda Lonsway, Julie Fast, and Lisa Brumm. Absent were: Beth Erlendson, Lynne Grigsby, and Fellene Gaylord. Secretary’s Report Minutes of the October 2nd meeting were voted on via email and the minutes were approved. Treasurer’s Report $356.46 in our account, and a little over $700 coming in. No bills outstanding. We paid for the flowers and Tracy. We took a group vote at the retreat to purchase $100 in flowers for Joan, $100 to Lisa for Sign In to Read More

Meeting Minutes 10/2/2017

CTSPDX Meeting 9/2/2017 Members in attendance: Bev Wells, Barbara Miller, Tina Rea, Cinda Lonsway, Fellene Gaylord, Lisa Brumm, Julie Fast, Mary Burger. Members absent: Lynne Grigsby, Amy Kelly. Beth attended via phone. The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Barbara Miller. Sophia led us through a grounding exercise. Secretary’s Report We will table the vote for the next meeting Treasurer’s Report Mary read the amount from the last meeting. Amy was not able to make it tonight. Membership Lisa’s guest could not come to the meeting due to a medical emergency. Lisa has been inviting a lot Sign In to Read More